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With Tech Taking Over Schools, Worries Rise

This article titled “With Tech Taking Over Schools, Worries Rise” talks about the risks and worries of all of the technology that is used in schools across the country. The article gives examples of how in certain schools, technology has gone too far. According the article, a New York elementary school uses an app to determine which student have a bad attitude and which students have a good attitude. At a few schools in Georgia, high schoolers use a bionic identification system to allow students to pay for lunch using the palms of their hands at the checkout line. Because of things like this, the government has now gone as far as to start taking action. In California, legislators passed a law prohibiting educational sites, apps and cloud services used by schools from selling or disclosing personal information about students from kindergarten through high school; from using the children’s data to market to them; and from compiling dossiers on them. Part of the reason they took action is because parents are starting to grow more angry with all of the technology and how it is effecting their children.

Q1: What is your opinion of this article?

I agree with this article. Some of the things schools use technology for is getting very ridiculous. I cannot believe that there is a way to see if children have a bad or good attitude during school. Some schools just take it way too far. Schools worked just fine with no technology back in the day, why cant they now? I think its okay if computers are used, and some electronic overheads for the teachers, but when it comes to things like the things that were listed in this article, it’s just too far.

Q2: How will this issue help or hinder your teaching practice. Why?

Technology will both hinder and help my teaching practice. When I become a teacher, I will use technology but only an appropriate and necessary amount. I don’t want the kids I am teaching to think that you cannot get through school without a huge amount of technology because it will only hinder their ability to make it in the real world. It is hard because I know that technology will grow in the years to come and it will get worse and worse and it is up to everyone to keep it under control, especially in schools.

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