Blog #2

One Teacher Lets Students Prove They’re Trustworthy With Devices

Part 1: Summary

This article is about a new policy some schools are trying to incorporate called BYOD, which stands for “bring your own device.” Some schools are looking to this new policy because their school cannot afford to get a computer or an iPad, or any other device for their students to use during school. The policy is an interesting one because it puts a lot of faith and trust in the students to bring their own devices. The article focuses on Amy Walker, a teacher at a school with only 200 students. She tried the BYOD policy out in her classroom, and she explained that she found some success by giving students a chance to prove they can be responsible and trustworthy by bringing in their devices. Amy took into consideration that devices are almost needed in classrooms these days, and so she tried her best to be patient with the kids in her classroom as they tried to do the BYOD program. The one worry she had was that students would get off task with devices. Most of her students were mature and could handle it, but some were not as mature about it. The kids who aren’t as mature, Amy tried to keep those few students as engaged as she could. She made it clear that even with the immature students, each student walked into her classroom with a clean slate each day, so if they were bad the previous day, they could win her over if they were good that day.

Part 2: Questions

Question 1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I think that the whole BYOD policy idea is a great idea. I think that as classrooms are evolving more and more as the years go on, devices are more and more essential to have in a classroom. I do think that it comes with some negative aspects, such as immature kids who will get distracted by having their devices. But, I also think that the issue of immature kids can be easily fixed by having consequences for the students who act out in class or who do not properly get their work done. I agree with the whole idea od BYOD and think that if a school cannot afford devices, that this policy should definitely be considered.

Question 2: How will the issue help or hinder student learning?

The BYOD policy could possibly hinder student learning because having a device can sometimes be very distracting to some students. Personally, if I have a device in front of me, I get pretty distracted. It could hinder some students ability to learn and that could not be good.

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