Blog #3

Schools tackle social media

Part 1: Summary

This article is about how social media is a huge reason for the heightening of cyber bullying. A lot of people do not realize that things like verbal or physical fights at school, or the suspensions and expulsions from school, almost always begin with things said over social media. Someone will post something mean about someone and then it escalates from there and eventually ends up being a brawl at school between students. As said in the article, on average, social media causes issues at school about ten times a year. A typical fight includes students who attend the same school or even students who attend different schools. The most common drama that comes up is about someone’s romance with someone else, or from one student disliking another student. A lot of schools have had different ways of handling these situations, but some are more unique than others. For example, Visalia Unified School District has adopted the anonymous crime-reporting resource, WeTip, for students, parents and others to report anything that has or may cause an issue. The site is accessible to all through the district’s website. And for those who don’t have computer or Internet access, information can be shared with Visalia school officials through a confidential hotline number. Other schools have less drastic way of helping the students, and some schools have no way to intervene of help students. The article concludes with basic Internet safety hints.

Part 2: Questions

Question 1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I think that this article touches on a lot of important key factors of cyber bullying. Bullying itself is already at an all time high all over the country, and now with social media being something that every student has; it is getting even more dangerous. This article does a good job touching important factors of what schools are doing to help with the issue of cyber bullying. I agree with having some sort help for the students who are being bullied. I think that it should be anonymous with an option not to be anonymous. I think that is a very important factor that the students who are getting bullied have somewhere where they can tell someone about it so that the student doesn’t feel trapped.

Question 2: How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

I think that students who are getting bullied in school are definitely at risk of doing worse on their schoolwork. This will hinder on my teaching practice because I wont know why the student is doing bad. And, if I do know why the student is doing poorly, I will most likely have to intervene, and the student could not want that, but I will have no choice.

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