Blog #4

What online tutoring programs can do for kids

Part 1: Summary

This article talks about how more and more students these days are using online tutoring programs to help them with homework or studying something that they do not understand. The article focuses on three different cases, for three different children. First is 6-year-old Maria Baker. Maria uses an online tutoring program called Reasoning Mind. This program helps Maria do things that she didn’t once understand by using games and activities to demonstrate things and show how to do them in an easier way. Next, there is Daisy Gumin. She uses a website called which she uses for help in math. She explains in the article that you take a picture of a problem that you are having a hard time with, and then post the picture to the website. Within a few moments, a tutor is chatting you and virtually writing on your screen a demonstration on how to do the problem. Daisy says that this helps her understand the math that she ones didn’t get. And lastly, there is Kairy Yates, who has her three children using an iPad app called Tabtor, which almost like having the kids interact with a human tutor. Tabtor is just for math, but it’s a dynamic interaction, as Kairy describes it. Overall, the entire article explains the benefits that the children see with these tutor programs. They are not free, but they are all at a reasonable price. The article also clearly explains that as adults, we probably prefer to have a real-time, face-to-face tutor, but the kids in this generation like it better to be taught with fun apps and programs over technology.

Part 2: Questions

Question 1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I think that this article does a great job of explaining the benefits of tutoring programs. The whole idea of being tutored through technology is something that is good, in my opinion. In the classroom, a lot of students have a hard time keeping up with the pace of a classroom and its class work, so they often need more help that the school does not have time to provide. Other times, the way that the teacher is explaining something sometimes doesn’t click with some students. These online tutoring programs can be a way to get more experience and also help explain some of the concepts that the student didn’t understand in the first place.

Question 2: How will the issue help student learning?

Online tutoring programs help the students to learn things that they did not understand when it was originally taught to them in the classroom. Sometimes all a student needs to understand sometime is that one-on-one help, and that is what these tutoring programs are doing to students. They are helping the students explore other ways of learning something that is hard to learn in their minds.

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